About Shannon

Legacy Name: Shannon Bramlington
Display Name: Shannon Hambleton or Shannon Bramlington Hambleton

Rez Date : 5-20-2009

Shannon Bramlington came to Second Life after seeing an advertisement on television. Nine days later she brought her husband Blake with her, she's been in world ever since. Of all of Shannon's accomplishments she is most proud of being Blake Hambleton's wife for the past 6 years.

Shannon is the:
  2015 Miss -AZUL-
  Owner, Sweethearts Jazz Club™,
  Owner- Creator, Sweethearts Select Club™
  Owner-Creator, Le Coeur Weddings™
  Owner Creator Wedding World

She is the 2015 AviChoice Award winning photographer for her Before and After photos and wedding photography. She's very proud of Sweethearts Jazz and it's 10 AviChoice Awards over the past two years alone.

She along with her husband Blake coordinate and run the largest fundraiser on the grid for Creations for Parkinson's the Michael J Fox Foundation, raising over $856,000 L in 12 hours alone, and over 2.1 Million Linden in total to date. She also founded the first Alzheimer Dementia Fundraiser "The Alz-Star's Event" for  Alz.org in Second Life. Raising over $768,000 L in the past 3 years.

Shannon is an avid builder, having built full regions for both Sweethearts, Sweethearts Select, Le Coeur, Regal Academy and countless wedding venues region wide. Her passion is architecture and making her own textures to compliment her original builds.

In the fashion industry, Shannon is:
  • Miss AZUL 2015
  • Regal Academy Black Belt Graduate with 2 diplomas.
  • A judge for the Ms Style Contest
  • A celebrity judge for the Clash of Clans Halloween Contest,
  • Current Regal Arch Model 
"It's important to me to stay grounded, to be humble and thankful, to be polite and have class and integrity in all things. To be sweet to others, even when they are not sweet to me. Kindness matters always. I have many friends, many neighbors, many blessings, and for all, I am humbled and quietly thankful for them all." - Shannon Bramlington
In her "Real Life" Shannon is 30-something she lives in Texas U.S.A. with her RL husband Blake.